Nikhil's Revolution #

Don't over think much just trust the process and live happy

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History And Geography GK Quiz 

quote on the nikhilsrevolution
Quote on nikhilsrevolution

As we think while working on any project or any ideas, but once we decided what we have to do then just trust the process and don't over think it. Just go with the flow and find your inner pace. Just move forward keep the process going, just work hard and trust the process. 
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The Best of 2019 So Far

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Eye opening thoughts

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Provoking thoughts

Eye opening thoughts on Nikhilsrevolution
Bill Gates
Eye opening thoughts on Nikhilsrevolution
Quote 2

Eye opening thoughts on Nikhilsrevolution
Quote 3

Eye opening thoughts on Nikhilsrevolution
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Viral Video Man jumps over Tour de France mid race

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Tour de France mid race

This is an example of extraordinary courage and breathtaking moment. Bravo man!!! hats off to his achievement. This video is done under supervision. So please take care.

Quotes That Matters Part 3

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Best Quotes that matters most in our life

Be with someone who makes you a priority not an option nikhilsrevolution
Quote 1

Always remember in life that be a person of goodness, be with someone who makes you a priority, not an option. So; be wise enough to know the person's behaviour, act wisely.
Never judge some one by the opinion of others nikhilsrevolution
Quote 2

We know that never judge someone by the opinion of others, just judge the person by meeting him face-to-face and then after subtle observation's judge the person.

Sometimes the best way to get someone's attention is to stop giving them yours nikhilsrevolution
Quote 3

If you are a true lover then; you face this problem then you have to test your lovable person, to get her/his attention by only stop giving attention to her/his for some time. 

Do not be afraid of moving slowly. Be afraid of standing still
Quote 4

Stopping or quitting or giving up on anything is not the solution, we must have to move on and do not be afraid of moving slowly. Be afraid of standing still. 
Rivers never go reverse. So, try to live like a river. Forgot  your past and focus on your future. Always be positive
Quote 5

We know that; mistakes made in past cannot be undone but we try to press hard on the future and take care yourself that the mistakes cannot be made in future. Take this example "Rivers never go reverse. So try to live like a river. Forgot your past and focus on your future. Always be positive!
Don't live to work, work to live. nikhilsrevolution
Quote 6

Choose your passion wisely, don't live to work, work to live. Do what you like.

Best Ball Point Pent Sketches

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Sketches Made By Ball Point Pen

President John Tyler sketch on NikhilsRevolution
John Tyler

John Tyler (March twenty-nine, 1790 – Jan eighteen, 1862) was the tenth president of u. s. from 1841 to 1845 when shortly serving because of the tenth VP (1841); he was elected to the latter workplace on the 1840 Whig price ticket with President chemist Harrison.

John Buford sketech on NikhilsRevolution
John Buford
John Buford, Jr. (March 4, 1826 – December sixteen, 1863) was a u.s Army cavalry officer. He fought for the Union as a brigadier throughout the yank warfare. Buford is best best-known for having vie a significant role within the 1st day of the Battle of Gettysburg on a legal holiday, 1863 whereas in command of a division.

Thomas William Selleck american actor on NikhilsRevolution
Thomas William Selleck 

Thomas William Selleck is associate degree yank actor and filmmaker and Calif. Army home reserve veteran. he's legendary for leading as PI Thomas wine bottle within the tv series wine bottle, P.I. and as Peter Mitchell in 3 Men and a Baby.

Major General Gordon Granger on NikhilsRevolution
Gordon sodbuster 

Gordon sodbuster (November vi, 1821 – January ten, 1876) was a career U.S. military officer and a Union general throughout the Yankee war. He distinguished himself at the Battle of a pitched battle.

Ulysses S. Grant U.S President on NikhilsRevolution
Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant; Apr twenty-seven, 1822 – Gregorian calendar month twenty-three, 1885) was Associate in Nursing yank soldier, politician, and international politico UN agency served because of the eighteenth president of the U.S from 1869 to 1877. throughout the yank warfare, General Grant, with President Lincoln, junction rectifier the ground forces to triumph over the Confederacy.

Chesty Puller on NikhilsRevolution
Chesty Puller

Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller (June twenty six, 1898 – Oct eleven, 1971) was a United States Marine Corps general officer United Nations agency fought guerrillas in Haiti and Central American nation and, as a senior officer, served with distinction in warfare II and also the warfare.

Beautiful Love Story Of Husband And Wife Must Read

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Love Story Of A Couple

Beautiful love story of a husband and wife, this lovestory is the best best lovestory

A man married a beautiful girl. He loved her very much. One day she developed skin disease. Slowly she started to lose her beauty. So happened that day her husband left her on a tour. While returning he met with an accident and lost his sight. However, their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty step by step. Blind husband did not know this and there was no difference in their married life. He continued to love her and she also loved him.
One day she died. Her Death brought him great sorrow. He finished all her last right and wanted to leave that town. A man from behind called and said, now how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you. He replied I am not blind. I was acting because if she came to know that I knew that she had a skin disease, it would have pained her more than her disease. So only I acted as blind. She was a very good wife. I only wanted to keep her happy.

Moral Of This Beautiful Love Story - "Some time it is good for us to act blind or ignore someone's shortcomings, just to keep them happy"
beautiful rose flowers in the garden, with pale pink, dark pink colour, white rose, eye soothing rose flower this is

Reason to Live Nothing is permanent in life.

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Nothing permanent in life.

Always remind your self that nothing is permanent in life. We must live life happily for this moment and always remind our self that all things will happen for the sake of goodness. You will be motivated by reading these motivational quotes and motivational thoughts, you will get what is motivation does exactly.

The people in your life should be a source of reducing stress, not causing more of it. The should be bringing more happiness, not taking it away.
Quote 1

"Locks are never manufactured without a key. Similarly, God never gives problems without solutions. Only we need to have the patience to unlock them."
Correct a fool, and he will hate you. Correct a wise man, and he will appreciate you
As a universal truth, we all knew that life is a great teacher, which teaches us all the lesson. Learn and assimilate the goodness and move on!!!
"Life and time are the best teachers; Life teaches us the use of Time and Time teaches us the value of Life. have a Nice day !"

Never regret being a good person, to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says enough about them.
Quote 2

Life is like a camera, just focus on what's important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, just take another shot...That's life my friend's that's life.

If you hurt many times, and you still know how to smile, trust me you are strong
Quote 3

~ Carla May, said -The moment you seek others approval is the moment you become someone friends, just be bold take risk for the goodness, knock hard and make your life beautiful "for your own"
Friend's here I just want to say that don't wander in the past, press hard for the greater possibilities of the future, this is the only "best" thing we are able to do with our life. As Mr Doug Ivester said; "Never let your memories be greater than your dreams."
Make it your day to shine. Today is a gift. That's why they call it the present - by bo dallas
Quote 4

Just keep improving your self, every minute, every second every day, because we will achieve greatness by following these small things. "Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it." -Ted Williams
The reason why girls love their dad very much because there's at least one man in the world who never hurt her
Quote 5

The following are some of the great sayings, from a famous song.
Reason to Live
Out of love, there's nobody around, all I hear is the sound of a broken heart
Out of time, no more waitin' for you
Now the hurtin's through, and a new day starts
And I feel a change in my life, I sailed into dark and endless nights
And made it alive
Everybody's got a reason to live, baby
Everybody's got a dream and a hunger inside
Everybody's got a reason to live, but it can't be your love
Out of touch, with myself for so long, now a feelin' so strong comin' over me
Down the line, there's a lesson I've learned
You can love and get burned, if it has to be
And I see a change in my life, and I'm not alone when I'm strong inside
And I realize
Everybody's got a reason to live, baby
Everybody's got a dream and a hunger inside
Everybody's got a reason to live, but it can't be your love
And I feel a change in my life
And I'm not alone when I'm strong inside and I realize
Everybody's got a reason to live, baby
Everybody's got a dream and a hunger inside
Everybody's got a reason to live, but it can't be your love
Everybody's got a reason to live, baby
Everybody's got a dream and a hunger inside
Everybody's got a reason to live, but it can't be your love
No it can't be your love, no it can't be your love
No it can't be your love
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If you are reading this, I just want you to know that you are awesome
Quote 6

If you are reading this, I just want you to know that you are awesome
Quote 7

This adorable little boy is able to see now.

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The real wonder's of life

Seven wonders of the universe are:
1) To see the beauty of life, as we grow old, the beauty steals inward we are able to rediscover the beauty of life by seeing this charming little guy.
2) To touch
3) to hear
4) to laugh
5) to taste
6) to love
7) to live

Are we not the 8th wonder? Yes, we are!

Physical touch makes you healthier. Hugs, message and holding hands reduce stress while boosting your immune system. As we know that the anticipation of touch is one of the most potent sensations on the earth. Touch comes before sight, before a speech. It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth(Margaret at wood)

There is a lot more power in an open hand than in a clenched fist !

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We can live with clenched fists or open hands, the choice is ours.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?", it's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.
We know these are some moments of life:

1) Giving the 1st salary to your parents.

2) Thinking your love with tears.

3) Looking at old photos and smiling.

4) A sweet and emotional chat with friends.

5) Holding hands with your loved ones for a walk.

6) Getting a hug from one who cares about you.

7) 1st kiss to your child when he/she is born.

8) The moments when your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh.