October 2015 | Nikhil's Revolution #

Main Dewaana | Nikhil S Pawar | Ganesh Hedge |

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"Nature is God, Love Plant"

Main Dewaana | Nikhil S Pawar | Ganesh Hedge | 23 October 2015

Introducing:  NIKHIL S. PAWAR
Coreographer : NIKHIL S. PAWAR
Cinematographer : NIKHIL S. PAWAR

Original Act by Mr. Ganesh hedge.

In "October 2005 "Ganesh released his debut album "G" with the backing and promotion of Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. He is reported as the first Indian pop act to produce, write, direct and star in his debut music video (for his single Main Deewana).

Love to live in nature

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