May 2016 | Nikhil's Revolution #
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"Sairat Jhala Ji"  Ajay
−Atul, Nagraj Manjule
Chinmaya Sripada,Ajay Gogavale

Sairat Marathi Film Poster.jpg
Official Release Poster
Directed byNagraj Manjule
Produced byNagraj Manjule,
Nitin Keni,
Nikhil Sane
Story by
Nagraj Manjule
Avinash H. Ghadge
StarringAkash Thosar
Rinku Rajguru
Music byAjay−Atul
CinematographySudhakar Reddy Yakkanti
Edited byKutub Inamdar
Release dates
  • 29 April 2016
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      " I appeal here to all the peoples in the World that Please help to tackle Terrorism...please help to those who don't have Voice...please help them..Feel there agony we are not here to Fight with anyone.        In the history of any Religion, Cast "No one teaches You to Harm any one"...We know that in this world who are real follower of there "God" or any Person or Thing never ever thinks to harm any one.
       By some "Bad" Peoples saying, don't distract your self..Live in this world peacefully..."

" Keep in mind that some peoples are playing Dirty, very dirty politics so dont follow there way..."
"Try to think by Your Heart, think by your soul"

"Love to live in Peace..."