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Proverb 13


Proverb 13

One should not send a cat to deliver cream. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

Gossip needs no carriage. ~ Russian Proverb 

You can never enter the same river twice. ~ Indian Proverb 

To understand your parents' love, bear your own children. ~ Chinese Proverb 

It is beautiful to do nothing and then rest afterwards. ~ Spanish Proverb 

Don't put your cart before the horse. ~ English Proverb. American 

There are two sides to every coin. ~ American Proverb 

Adversity comes with instruction in his hand. ~ Welsh Proverb 

The miser and the open-handed spend the same in long run. ~ Kurdish Proverb 

Better lose the anchor than the whole ship. ~ Dutch Proverb 

Wish well, be well. ~ Kurdish Proverb 

“It is by suffering that human beings become angels.” Victor Hugo 

An unkept promise leads to a bad life. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

A wise man knows what he says; a fool says what he knows. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

Dream of a funeral and hear of a marriage. ~ Latin Proverb 

Opportunity never knocks twice at any man's door. ~ English Proverb 

Do not withhold the voice and not call out a welcome. ~ Hawaiian Proverb, Hula 

Tell me and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I'll understand. ~ Native American Proverb 

The barking of dogs does not reach heaven. ~ Sicilian Proverb 
A woman who is not successful in her own marriage has no advice to give to her younger generations. ~ African Proverb 

After a foolish deed comes remorse. ~ African Proverb 

It's sin and not poverty that makes men miserable. ~ Scottish Proverb 

Do not cut the bough you are sitting on. ~ Russian Proverb, Romania 

Who lies for you will lie against you. ~ Bosnian Proverb 

There are more ways of killing a cat than choking it with cream. ~ English Proverb 

One hand washes the other. ~ Yiddish Proverb 
What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw. ~ Swedish Proverb 

God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them. ~ German Proverb 

Sweep first before your own door, before you sweep the doorsteps of your neighbours. ~ Swedish Proverb 

An old man loved is a winter with flowers. — German proverb  

Fool me once, shame on you fool me twice, shame on me. ~ English Proverb 

Beauty is ten, nine of which is dressing. ~ Azerbaijani Proverb 

All that glitters is not gold. ~ Latin Proverb 

Without knowing a way thoroughly at day time, never attempt to pass it at night. ~ African Proverb, Nigeria 

Charge nothing and you'll get a lot of customers. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

If fortune calls, offer him a seat. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

Plenty sits still, hunger is a wanderer. ~ South African Proverb 

Pride is the mask of one's own faults. ~ Jewish Proverb 

If you don't want to do something, one excuse is as good as another. — Yiddish proverb  

Silence is also speech. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

There's no smoke without fire. ~ English Proverb 

I came to the place of my birth. cried "The friends of my youth, where are they?" Echo answered, "Where are they?" ~ Arabian Proverb 

The mistakes you make today will be the wisdom you share tomorrow. — American proverb  

A man grows most tired while standing still. ~ Chinese Proverb 

Don't burn your bridges behind you. ~ American Proverb 

What is new is pleasing and what is old is satisfying. ~ Cuban Proverb 

A young idler, an old beggar. ~ English Proverb 
Make love not war. ~ American Proverb 
One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer. ~ Mongolian Proverb 

Stubbornness is the greatest ill. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

Time flies. ~ American Proverb 

Not everyone who chased the zebra caught it, but he who caught it chased it. ~ South African Proverb 

The bully is always a coward. ~ English Proverb 

Whose bread I eat: his song I sing. ~ German Proverb 

We are too soon old, and too late wise. ~ Jewish Proverb 

Yielding is sometimes the best way of succeeding. ~ Italian Proverb 

Where the heart loves, there the legs walk. ~ Maltese Proverb 

Someone who stands behind a wall can see nothing else. — Japanese proverb 

The frog likes water, but not boiling water. ~ African Proverb, Senegal 

A son is a son till he gets him a wife, but a daughter's a daughter the rest of your life. ~ English Proverb 

Below the navel there is neither religion nor truth. ~ Italian Proverb 

Only real friends will tell you when your face is dirty. ~ English Proverb 

Sitting quietly doing nothing, the spring comes and grass grows by itself. ~ Zen Proverb 

An ox with long horns, even if he does not butt, will be accused of butting. ~ Malaysian Proverb 

A people without a history is like the wind over buffalo grass. ~ Native American Proverb, Sioux 

When an ant gets wings, it loses its head. ~ Bosnian Proverb 

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. ~ Swedish Proverb 

A deaf man heard how a mute told that a blind man has seen how a cripple walked. ~ Yiddish Proverb 

To want to forget something is to remember it. ~ French Proverb 

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. ~ English Proverb. ~ American Proverb 

To bend a bamboo, start when it is a shoot. ~ Malaysian Proverb 

The dawn does not come twice to awaken a man. ~ Arabic Proverb 

A hero only appears once the tiger is dead. ~ Burmese Proverb 

The good cow gets sold in its own country. ~ Maltese Proverb 

The young cannot teach tradition to the old. ~ African Proverb, Benin 

Any time means no time. ~ English Proverb 

Sickness in the body brings sadness to the mind. ~ English Proverb 

A beautiful woman who is pleasing to men is good only for frightening fish when she falls into the water. ~ Zen Proverb 
Blood is always thicker than water. ~ American Proverb 

Those who foretell the future lies, even if he tells the truth. ~ Arabian Proverb 

Poverty is the reward of idleness. ~ Dutch Proverb 

Don't shoot the messenger. ~ Greek Proverb 

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