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Quotes that matters Part 1


Quote Matters!!!

Quotes are a very essential part of our lives. quotes give us direction; that how to live, how to feel life. Quotes give us strength, the courage to tackle the problems we face during our life.

mijaj main thodi sakhti lajmi hain sahab log pi jate agar samandar khara na hota quote 1
Quote 1

Push yourself, because No one else is going to do it for you quote 2
Quote 2

Don't make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion quote 3
Quote 3

My heart has waited so long to be loved by someone like you quote 4
Quote 4

Ways to create a better life, what to stop and start quote 5
Quote 5

Every time I tried walking away, I found you, In my dream each day quote6
Quote 6

I believe that nothing in life is coincidence everything that happen to us is part of our destiny. We meet the right people at the right moment in our lives when we need it, not happen befor or after just happens at the right moment quote 7
Quote 7

He isn't the only guy in the universe. but he is the only one that matters quote 8
Quote 8

That moment when you are reading a book and the whole world around you does not exist anymore quote 9
Quote 9

Never let anyone know what you are thinking quote 10
Quote 10

One day you will be at he place you always wanted to be quote11
Quote 11

The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly quote 12
Quote 12

Don't live to work work to live quote 13
Quote 13

Rivers never go reverse.so try to live like a river. forget your past and focus on your future. always be positive quote 14
Quote 14

Do not afraid of moving slowly. be afraid of standing still quote 15
Quote 15

Sometime the best way to get someone's attention is to stop giving them your's quote 16
Quote 16

never judge someone by the opinion of others quote 17
Quote 17

be the someone who makes you a priority not opinion quote 18
Quote 18

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