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Things To Do While Traveling In Japan Part 2


 Traveling In Japan

G cans image japan
Japan Image 1

This is essentially a big drain that most Japanese people have never heard of, but Pharrell has.

Yunessun Spa Resort
Japan Image 2
Yunessun Spa Resort
Probably the best place to go in the world if you want to bathe in tepid, slightly dirty wine while getting drunk.

Iriomote Cat Tax image japan
Japan Image 3
Iriomote Cat Tax
Critically endangered, and a critical darling, this cat isn't here to stay. It's DNA is mixing with the feral cat population on Iriomote island. There are likely less than 100 left. Fun fact: it's one of only 4 types of cat that can't retract its claws fully (the Cheetah being the most well known in this group).
 gunkanjima image japan
Japan Image 4
You likely know this place from Skyfall, but probably didn't know that it's surprisingly easy to visit.
robot restaurant in shinjuku image in japan
Japan Image 5
Robot restaurant in Shinjuku
This place is intense. Get there early to spend more time in the "electric cabaret" before moving on to the main battle arena. The whole experience feels like being in a Bjork video directed by Liberace.
Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan image in japan
Japan Image 6
Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan
Might look kinda plain, but this hotel has been in operation since 705. For serial. It has been operated by 52 generations of the same family, search it on GOOGLE
aokigahara forest near Mt. Fuji image in japan
Japan Image 7
Aokigahara forest near Mt. Fuji
AKA the suicide forest. Don't image search this sucka if you wanna keep your food down. 2 things to remember:
1. Suicide is not as taboo in Japan as other places and is a perfectly acceptable way out in some situations.
2. To be properly interred in Japanese Buddhist philosophy, the body must be cremated - which means that these bodies *must* be easy enough to find. Each year hikers & cops follow long fishing lines, floss, string, etc., from the edges of the forest to find the bodies at the other end.
Yonaguni Monument in japan
Japan Image 8
Yonaguni Monument
Man-made or natural, nobody quite knows. But it does have a shit ton of hammerhead sharks in the winter, which is perfect if you like dangerous fish that look like hand tools.

Aogashima Island in japan
Japan Image 9
Aogashima Island
Just volcano with people living in the caldera, nothing to see here, move on. It's definitely not a secret lair.

Machida squirrel park
Japan Image 10

Machida squirrel park
look at all those feisty felines!

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