This adorable little boy is able to see now. | Nikhil's Revolution #

This adorable little boy is able to see now.


The real wonder's of life

Seven wonders of the universe are:
1) To see the beauty of life, as we grow old, the beauty steals inward we are able to rediscover the beauty of life by seeing this charming little guy.
2) To touch
3) to hear
4) to laugh
5) to taste
6) to love
7) to live

Are we not the 8th wonder? Yes, we are!

Physical touch makes you healthier. Hugs, message and holding hands reduce stress while boosting your immune system. As we know that the anticipation of touch is one of the most potent sensations on the earth. Touch comes before sight, before a speech. It is the first language, and the last, and it always tells the truth(Margaret at wood)

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