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About Us


Nikhils Revolution# is for the Souls who wants to make a positive impact on this world. Who will inspire for the betterment of this world; a world where all live in peace. NikhilsRevolution#, lets you curate and discover The Goodness Of Web, Science, Technology, Education, The Door For Doer.

 Who we are?
Nikhils Revolution was founded by Nikhil Pawar. We are a small team that is passionate about delivering a more data-driven form of learning. Contact Here
The Founder Of NikhilsRevolution
Nikhil Pawar

What We Do?

Nikhils Revolution is an adaptive platform provides knowledgable information which is also helpful for Personality Development.

Why Choose Us?

The intelligent platform that continuously provides essential information which entertains you and also helps to think out-of-the-box. It will also give you an idea about how to use the Internet wisely.
The Meaning of Social Media is not only social media original quote by Nikhil Pawar NikhilsRevolution
Nikhils Revolution

Nikhil Pawar
Founder And CEO